About us: HE Sheikh Sultan Al-Quasimi

“Innovation needs freedom and our Country offers freedom”


30 years of managerial skills in application in the areas of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Management of Change, Financial Engineering, Strategic Planning and Turnaround Management.

  •  To capitalize on the knowledge and experience in the Management Science to maintain highly profitable and high growth personal core business.
  •  To share the knowledge and experience in the Management Science to operate highly profitable and high growth businesses.     
  •  To utilize the knowledge and experience in the Management Science in any government position to operate with high efficiency and effectiveness.
  •  To contribute to the Science of Management as an applied.
  •  To develop and train managers in the current generation of UAE national managers.


Graduated in Economics from the United Kingdom in 1973.

Served on the Economic Advisory Board reporting to His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah.

Served in the Government of Sharjah as Director General of Civil Aviation from 1976 to 1978 reporting to His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah.

Turned around the family business "Orient Group" from 1978 to 1982.

Established Gulf Holdings in 1982 with the objective of assisting foreign companies to establish their entities in the UAE to operate from within the market.

Served as Deputy Chairman of the Central Department of Finance. In the same position held other responsibilities such as :

  • Deputy Chairman of Department of Finance.
  • Deputy Chairman Administration Department.
  • Deputy Chairman Internal Audit.
  • Chairman of the Economic Department.
  • Executive Director, National Bank of Sharjah.    

Gulf Holdings continued its activities. Returned to the private sector in 1991.




Career started with serving in the Government of Sharjah in the first 5 years (1973-1978).

Moved into the private sector for 9 years (1979-1987) during which:

  • Operated as an executive.
  • Developed competence in Management Science and particularly in Strategic Planning and Management of Turnaround.
  • Developed competence in Investment Strategies, Portfolio Management and Technical Trading in Commodities Futures.

Returned to the Government of Sharjah for 4 years (1987-1991) during which:

  • Applied Financial Engineering in the management government budgeting system.
  • Applied training programs for executive and non executive employees in the government.
  • Returned to the private sector for the last 12 years (1992-todate) during which:
  • Promoted many foreign companies to operate from the UAE.
  • Innovated in products and services for Gulf Holdings as well as for other companies on the basis of market partnership.
  • Restructured Gulf Holdings to remain Pro Active in the market under the market conditions in the III rd Millennium.
  • Innovated in Agriculture Technologies for Water Management, Product Quality Control and Agriculture Everywhere with Management Total Solution.
  • Syndicated Private Placement for Company Start-Up and companies in growth process.



Born in August 22nd, 1952 in Ras Al Khaima.

Married with 7 children.

Oil painter , appreciates classic music, artist in Cuisine as Semi Professional, and Professional gardener.

Holds a library of over 750 books which are in many fields of knowledge.