The creation of Gulf Holdings in 1982 was born out of a demand by international companies who wanted to have a base in the UAE and local laws which stipulate that the majority of ownership (51%) of any entity that has a non-national ownership must be owned by a UAE national. Gulf Holdings provided sponsorship to international companies but with some strong assurances regarding ‘protection’ and ‘freedom’, developed with knowledge and insight from American, British, Indian, Arab and European business operating practices providing a technical approach to each potential company, depending on where they were incorporated.


Our philosophy is to continually develop our team in all disciplines of management to excel in their performance. We carry this through our businesses and partnerships to achieve the desired market leadership.


Gulf Holdings continues to establish partnerships and support them to achieve their objectives and growth through innovative management systems and well developed team.

Our vision is to develop unique team which will drive our businesses and partnerships to market leadership through innovative management style.

Our vision is to maintain the credibility, trust and integrity among our team and partners. We are committed to social and corporate responsibilities. Our management style expresses our ability in innovation and entrepreneurialship.